Somatic Massage Therapy
About The Practitioner

Maggie Lang, Certified Massage Therapist, has been practicing bodywork for close to 20 years.


Originally trained at Santa Barbara Bodyworks, her education also includes many hours at The Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, San Francisco School of Massage and Ojai School of Massage.  Her method is influenced by an ongoing exploration of the physical body, the human condition and therapeutic modalities rooted in the science of Anatomy and Physiology. In terms of massage or “manual” therapy her work is primarily orthopedic, focuses on relaxation, mind-body integration, and self-awareness. With an emphasis on optimal breathing, spinal alignment and boney rhythms that rebalance and facilitate ease of movement between the tissues of the body, Maggie hopes to increase the quality of life of anyone who lands her table!


Maggie trained at YogaWorks in Los Angeles, The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara and The Chicago Yoga Center to instruct Therapeutic and Yin Yoga. Maggie takes a 5-mile “urban hike” daily and integrated Pilates into her self care routine in 2013. She is certified in Mat and Reformer Pilates.


Since mental and emotional ‘overwhelm’ aka ‘trauma’ can affect one’s physical body in subtle, profound and/or chronic ways, Maggie is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  One of her mottos is “Everyone does better when everyone does better.” She believes in the transformative power of connection, especially between human beings when they agree to co-create an increase of authentic life force energy.  This state of co-regulation, contained within the therapeutic relationship, is necessary for health, growth and restoration.